Rep. Pence, Introducing His First Bill, Fights to Remove Regulatory Burden on Indiana’s Agricultural Community

May 2, 2019
Press Release

Rep. Pence introduces his first piece of legislation, reducing the regulatory burden on the men and women of Indiana, and America's, robust transportation and agricultural communities

WASHINGTON, D.C.—U.S. Representative Greg Pence (IN-06) introduced his first piece of legislation Thursday, leading H.R. 2460 with House Agriculture Committee Chairman, Rep. Collin Peterson (MN-07). The bill aims to reduce the regulatory burden on the hard-working men and women of America’s robust transportation and agricultural communities.

“The current regulatory regime places unnecessary burdens on the hard-working men and women in our agricultural community in Indiana, and across America,” Pence said. “I’m proud to introduce legislation that will help ensure our farmers and producers can transport their goods and commodities in a safe, efficient manner.”

The Modernizing Agricultural Transportation Act of 2019 (H.R. 2460), directs the U.S. Department of Transportation to examine Hours of Service (HOS) regulations and the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations to identify obstacles to the safe, humane, and market-efficient transport of livestock and other perishable agricultural commodities.

The bill ensures the transportation and agricultural communities are included in the rule-making process, asking relevant stakeholders to share their experiences with:

  1. The impact of existing HOS rules under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations,
  2. Incompatibilities, challenges and concerns caused by HOS rules and ELD rule provisions,
  3. Initiatives and regulatory changes that maintain and protect highway safety and allow for the “safe, efficient, and productive marketplace transport” of livestock, insects, and perishable agricultural commodities; and
  4. Other related issues that the Secretary considers appropriate.

Rep. Pence emphasized his willingness to work with his colleagues, in a bi-partisan fashion, to address Indiana's, and America's, critical infrastructure and transportation needs. "6th District Hoosiers sent me to Washington to get things done, and that's exactly what we're doing," Pence said.

Chairman Peterson also discussed the importance of H.R. 2460.

“Washington regulations cannot be created without the needs of our agricultural community in mind. Current Hours of Service (HOS) and Electronic Logging Device (ELD) requirements place unrealistic burdens on our producers and ag haulers,” Chairman Peterson said. “The Modernizing Agricultural Transportation Act of 2019 is a good start to ensuring our farm commodities are being transported safely. In a time where our agriculture community is facing the stress of ongoing trade wars, this legislation will reduce unnecessary regulations for rural America.”