OPED: Greg Pence: Republicans will lead the nation's comeback

October 7, 2020
Press Release

As we watched last week’s first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden, we saw two clear paths before us: one of law and order, economic growth, and boundless patriotism, and another, laid out by the Leader of the Democratic Party. Joe Biden's vision is defined by rioting in our streets, defunding our frontline law enforcement community, and bankrupting our middle class with socialist ideas.

America is worth fighting for, which is why Trump and Republican leaders in Congress helped lead our nation into the most prosperous era our country has ever seen. We are prepared to do it again.

Republicans believe that people should have the freedom to pursue a better life for themselves and their families. That is why we made our Commitment to America, with three objectives: restore our way of life, rebuild the greatest economy in history, and renew the American Dream.

We achieve the first by defeating COVID-19 with expanded testing capabilities and vaccine development; by defending and not "defunding" our police; and by upholding our constitutional rights to free speech and to keep and bear arms.

We will rebuild the economy by reopening our nation, ending our dependence on China, and investing in America’s infrastructure in our rural communities.

We will renew the American Dream by making sure students can attend great schools no matter their zip code through school choice; by honoring the service of our veterans with good health care and job opportunities; and by supporting technical and vocational education.

Our optimistic, conservative path forward contrasts sharply with the Democrats’ radical liberal agenda of defunding the police, dismantling our institutions, and destroying the economy.

Under Democrats’ economic plan, working families and small business owners would owe trillions in new taxes. And don’t expect fairer, more efficient government service in return. Instead, hardworking taxpayers would get a one-size-fits-all health care system and an economy-killing Green New Deal-style infrastructure and energy plan.

Similarly, Democrats’ plan to defund our police, border patrol, and military would threaten Americans’ lives and livelihoods. Rejecting law and order is the path to anarchy and tragedy, like we see in Democrat-run cities like Chicago, Portland, Seattle and more. In a move to bow to the mob, the left-wing City Council of Minneapolis pledged this summer to defund the city’s police department. Within weeks, the city reeled and buyer’s remorse set in when they watched their city burn and violence continue to rise.

Further, Democrats want to dismantle historical precedent and strip the president’s Constitutional power to appoint Supreme Court justices. Twenty-nine times in American history has there been a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year, and the president has made a nomination in all twenty-nine cases. My fellow Hoosier, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, is supremely qualified and a brilliant choice for the Supreme Court, all the little liberal politicking and slanders against her notwithstanding.

This nation's ideals were born at Lexington and Concord with the shot-heard-around-the world. Two-hundred and forty-five years later, the very ideas for which patriots risked their lives to defend are at stake.

Will we protect those same liberties the patriots of 1776 fought for? Or will we abandon the principles of the American Revolution and allow the liberal elite in Washington to control our lives?

That is the choice in this election. One party wants to restore, rebuild, and renew the American Dream. The other party wants to defund, dismantle, and destroy.

Americans know which path will lead to a bright future. Republicans’ Commitment to America will get us there.


Read the op-ed published by Washington Examiner here.   


Congressman Greg Pence represents Indiana’s 6th District. From Columbus, Indiana, Pence advocates for conservative Hoosier values as a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and House Foreign Affairs Committee.