Greg Pence Highlights Need for All of the Above Energy Strategy at Committee Hearing

March 23, 2021
Press Release

Columbus, IN – U.S. Congressman Greg Pence (IN-06) participated in the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing entitled, “LIFT America: Revitalizing our Nation’s Infrastructure and Economy.” Rep. Pence discussed the importance of affordable, reliable energy and the key role Indiana’s Sixth District is playing to develop innovative renewable technologies.

Rep. Pence’s full remarks and questions are transcribed as prepared for delivery below.  

Thank you Chair Pallone and Ranking Member Rogers for holding this hearing today.

One third of the legislation we are considering today authorizes clean energy programs and so I would like to focus my remarks today on these considerable provisions.

Following a long career in the petroleum industry, I came to Congress to address the challenges facing our critical infrastructure – in both the short term and long term.

In Indiana – the Crossroads of America – we have always recognized the importance of modernizing and investing in our aging infrastructure, which contributes to the prosperity of not only Hoosiers, but ALL Americans.

What the current administration fails to realize is that the demand for affordable, reliable energy is only going to increase.

As my colleagues on this esteemed committee know, sources of clean and renewable energy will only be as useful as they are reliable.

I support an all of the above approach to energy production, but the intermittent nature of solar and wind will leave a gap in baseload power that consumers need for reliable and affordable energy.

To support the robust network of electric vehicles that the LIFT America Act suggests, disruptions in available power will have even more disastrous implications on our economy and national security.

Fossil fuels like natural gas and coal are needed to protect the integrity of our grid and affordability of electricity prices. 

Unfortunately, this legislation misses the mark on any meaningful expansion of the pipeline infrastructure that is needed for cleaner burning, reliable fuels.

I hope that the Majority will consider additional provisions that support the robust pipeline distribution that will be necessary to sustain energy needs for the electric vehicle network that this legislation envisions.

Pipeline distributions will continue playing an important role in other clean energy technologies.

I’m proud that Cummins Engine Company, headquartered just miles from my home in Columbus, Indiana, is developing world-class innovation to advance cleaner technology using hydrogen and fuel cell solutions.

However, like any other fuel, hydrogen will need to be transported from point A to point B.

And pipelines will have to be part of the equation if we are to enable the hydrogen fueling infrastructure provisions in this bill.

My bipartisan Clean Energy Hydrogen Innovation Act is a good first step to advance U.S. leadership in hydrogen innovation through the Department of Energy’s Loan Guarantee program.

Secretary Moniz, 

In your testimony you touched on the need for low carbon fuels to complement clean electricity.

And I agree with your sentiment that hydrogen has the potential to play a critical role in an “all the above” energy strategy in a wide array of applications. 

My question is this:

How quickly do you think we could create a distribution network to bring this innovative carbon neutral solution to market and doesn’t it include pipelines?


Congressman Greg Pence represents Indiana’s 6th District. From Columbus, Indiana, Pence advocates for conservative Hoosier values as a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.